Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

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Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes – I recently talked about painting the interior of your lake house, but what about the exterior paint for your lake house? We spend so much time outside that it would be unfair to say that your photography priority should be indoors or outdoors. It is different from your house. At home, we work all day and often don’t have a chance to go out on weekends. However, we are lucky enough to keep our commitment and have a few hours on the weekend. But your lake house? It’s outdoor living 24/7, and if you really don’t like the colors outside, it’s going to haunt you all summer long. Here are, in my opinion, the best paint colors for changing the exterior of a lake house.

You may have noticed that I really love this color. What can I say? It’s the perfect marine shade and works everywhere. At first glance, you might think this color is too dark for a lake house, but hear me out. Every shade of blue looks great outside of a lake house because it’s another element of blue.

Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

If there was a lake house and a large forest of trees covering the house, I would avoid such darkness. It looks great on a bright, sunny day, but starts to feel oppressive on gray and rainy days. Any other environment will improve with Gentleman’s Grey.

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It’s a color you can confidently use inside or outside of your lake house. It seems to belong mainly to the beach and the lake, doesn’t it? It’s an interesting color that changes with the light. Sometimes it’s a little more blue, but other times you can see green. This color does not look too bright and has a nice gray tone. And don’t worry if there are lots of colors around. This color plays well with everyone.

Are you looking for a color to match your environment? Duxbury Gray is basically a colored distilled wood. It is gray in color but has a strong green tint. Pair it with off-white accessories for a classic look that pays homage to the color’s historic roots.

Like Duxbury Gray, this color blends into the surroundings and gives the lake house a calm and natural feel. If you have a modest home, you don’t need color to make it stand out. You want it to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, and that’s how you get this beauty.

If you’re really looking to change the exterior paint color of your lake house, look no further. Kendall charcoal is a combination of green and blue. Isn’t that exactly what we did when we painted our lake house? It looks bold and dramatic, but remember that exterior colors are always illuminated by natural light.

Lake House — Porter’s Paints

This is another heavy hitter in Benjamin Moore’s line-up. If you love a very classic architectural look, combine it with white trim and wooden doors. If you’re worried about it being too dark, do a quick search online and you’ll see that it’s easier to use than small paint chips.

This paint chip has a strong tropical vibe, but it’s actually a navy on the lighter side. If you’re really into blue, but Hale Navy and Gentleman’s Gray are too deep for you, this might be the color for you. It’s still very saturated, but lighter overall.

Black is always in style, but if you think going all black is too much, Heating Heart might be a good compromise. Neither black nor brown, but light blue.

Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

As I said, these deep colored exteriors look much brighter than the chips. You really have to see it to appreciate how beautiful it is. If you see water on your property and want to darken it, it will blend in nicely with the ever-changing color of the water.

Lake Cabin Sherwin Williams Paint Palette, Calm Neutral Interior Paint

Well, let’s play. If you want something that screams “fun”, Rainstorm does it. It has the same light quality as the aforementioned Newburyport Blue. We’ve seen this color used a lot outdoors in modern farmhouses, so you know it’s a winner.

Let’s talk about paint colors to transform your lake house exterior when the sun shines. Yes, I said it! Some of us don’t have a lake house surrounded by tall trees to add ambiance. In this case, the color of the paint should be perfect and transfer itself. Blustery Sky can do it. It has a medium blue color and a strong gray color. It can do when you need paint colors that stand out and blend.

Let’s talk about what to do if something happens to your lake house. Not every home has a perfectly manicured lawn overlooking the water. Sometimes we have to deal with empty yards full of natural elements and objects. In this case, you just want a subtle blend of background colors. It’s a very light grey, but on the outside you’ll see its warm, sandy tones. It does not require attention, but it helps to create a harmonious environment.

Our last color is for those who want silver blue. Maybe you love blue but don’t want to commit to dark blue or even light blue. You can use lots of fun colors to accessorize so it can look funky but still have personality.

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I know that choosing exterior paint colors for your home is a big responsibility. If you need help, you can check out my Paint Consulting service.

If you have painted the exterior of your lake house, tell us what color you chose and how you feel.

If you know your design style but don’t know what paint to use, check out my Just For You paint palettes. They make predictions and give confidence to start.

Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

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Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

It’s no secret that I love the color blue. I prefer dark blue and… to keep user data safe, we no longer support older versions of your browser. Please update to the latest version.

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Exterior Paint Colors For Lake Homes

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