Paint Colors For The Whole House

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Paint Colors For The Whole House – Choosing a paint color for a home is a tricky business. If I had a dollar for every time I fell asleep choosing a paint color… well, I’d have zero dollars and I’m a little nervous, but it’s still nervous!

Choosing a paint color for a room can be very difficult. An even bigger challenge is choosing paint colors that work together room by room throughout the home.

Paint Colors For The Whole House

Paint Colors For The Whole House

This is an important question that gets asked every time I live in a room in our house. “What color is the paint?”

How To Choose Paint Colors: Easy Tips And Tricks • Craving Some Creativity

So I thought it would be helpful to compile all the paint colors we’ve used in our house so we can keep them in one convenient place as a whole house color scheme.

If you need help choosing colors for your home, here’s how to find the right paint color every time.

If you want some ideas for my favorite colors, here are all the colors we used throughout our house.

This shade is slightly off white. There’s just enough warmth to help the room feel clean but not look and feel “hospital-like.” It’s good for trim, but we prefer Sherwin Williams Simply White, a very true white for trim.

Interior Paint Colors From My Home

We painted all of our doors almost charcoal black and love it! Make every room feel classy (and hide little baby toes) with a little color.

This is as true white as you can get. Neat, neat and tidy. We have it in our home office, on the walls, on the stairs, in the hall, and in the master bathroom.

We used this color on the bathroom cabinets in a Lowe’s spring decor several years ago, and I loved the color so much that we had to find a place for it in our home. Too deep a blue and just enough gray to create a quiet, dusty shade.

Paint Colors For The Whole House

I love the richness of this old navy blue. It’s the perfect pop of color with the versatility to work as a neutral.

No Fail Whole House Paint Color Palettes

I tested 12 different shades of green before choosing the winning color for our kitchen cabinets. The name is very accurate, as you can see in the billiard table green, it is a very rich, beautiful shade.

I love this soft, blue material on our built-in shelves and furniture in our playroom. It’s rich enough not to overpower the color. It would be a great addition to an exterior front door.

This mint green we used in our powder room has a nice vintage vibe. It’s a whisper of color that’s bold enough to make a statement. It will also be amazing in the cabinet.

I’ve lost count of how many samples I’ve tried that are pink heavy and reminiscent of Pepto Bismol. But it was the pale pink ballet flats we used in Olivia’s room.

Whole House Color Palette

It’s my favorite medium gray and blue tones, so it’s perfect for making a bathroom feel clean and elegant. It also looks great as a trim against bright white walls.

It’s one of the deepest, darkest realities you’ll find and creates a very dramatic, sophisticated feel.

As the name suggests, Magnolia True White is bright and true white. (To be fair: I didn’t like the level of coverage, so we didn’t use it again.) But we were absolutely blown away by the azure Barefoot Dance color of our Romabio ceiling paint!

Paint Colors For The Whole House

If you’re looking for the “Goldilocks” between bright white and ivory, Benjamin Moore White Dove hits all the right notes. It has only a hint of cream.

How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Entire House: 8 Tips To Make It All Come Together

We love the Winter Gates trim and cabinets (pictured in trim below)! It’s a warm gray and has enough yellow undertones to pair well with cream and ivory.

I called this southern “hand blue” because it reminds me of the porch roofs I see in Charleston. But if you’re not afraid of aqua, it looks good on the walls too.

Do you have any favorite paints? We always have a lot of room remodeling going on, so we’ll take all the tips we can get!

It’s a good idea to vary your colors while creating a sense of continuity. In an open floor plan, it is perfectly acceptable to paint all the rooms in the same color scheme without constant gaps between spaces.

Whole House Color Palette: Berrybrier

It all depends on your personal preferences. Sometimes it’s fun to create a ceiling statement or decorate your own statement with a pop of color. But if white is used for both, it is better to use the same white color.

The answer to painting sheens depends on who you ask, but I like to use flat on the ceiling, eggshell on the walls, satin and trim on the cabinets, and semi-gloss on the doors. I rarely use gloss unless I’m giving the furniture a high gloss, modern look. I’ve been mulling over the changes I’ve made here in terms of paint colors and need to share the updated color palette with everyone. Because we all love structured color palettes, don’t you? ok

I thought it would be useful to give a little update on where they are and how they are doing in my house.

Paint Colors For The Whole House

Where is the Gray Wisp, you ask? This is the color I decided to use when I did all the drywall in our bathroom. So, you have to wait for it. But setting an official color palette means I’ve made a commitment, so that counts for something. 🙂

Home Tour With Paint Colors & Decor Sources

I’m Jenny, a 28-year-old wife, mother of three, and I never stop studying. I’m a creative blogger, business owner, and DIYer and love to transform furniture, cabinets, and rooms in my home. I’m a paint geek carry card and am always amazed at the power of paint to create budget-friendly updates to your home. I’m a home stalker and never tire of grand tours of homes or before and after renovations. I strongly believe in redecorating, renovating and updating your home without breaking the budget. Let me show you how! A common question asked of anyone who shares pictures of their home online (aka bloggers) is “What color is that?” I’ve never been secretive about my design choices, most paint colors can be found elsewhere on this blog, but it’s nice to have them all in one place. I have a certain style and all my paint colors fall within the range

In this post, I’m going to share all the paint colors in our house. I think it’s really helpful to see the paint colors on the actual surface. By putting all of my paint colors and personal photos of our home in real time, I hope this guide is a great resource if you are looking for a specific paint color in my home or if you are. To see some ideas for beach paint colors. When considering a new paint color, I always do my research and find real estate photos of that paint color. So, I’m sharing pictures of every color in my house, not just my whole house color.

For more details on decorating for the beach in general, check out these tips on how to decorate in a casual beach style.

Whether you’re looking for Sherwin Williams beach colors or a general beach color palette for a beach house, these colors are perfect for you!

My House Paint Colors

The color palette you see above suits my beach and home loving heart. You can see I’m drawn to calm colors that reflect the vibe of the sea and ocean.

Behr Ultra Pure White paint was originally used to paint all the trim on our house. I love that all the rooms in our house are painted the same color. I find this paint has a satin finish that wipes off very easily. . It’s the perfect white for trim and baseboards.

I instantly fell in love with this Benjamin Moore paint color. Tried half the colors for our bedroom and cloudy sky won by a mile. I wanted a bold color that felt calming and soothing. This color does just that in our bedroom. It is a deep blue-grey color but more blue in natural light. It is serious but constructive. It should be noted that this room has a wall of windows, which brightens the overall paint color. Learn more about this paint color in this paint color guide.

Paint Colors For The Whole House

This Benjamin Moore paint color

Whole House Color Scheme

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