Red Brick House Trim Colors

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Red Brick House Trim Colors – Today we are going to bring you the best exterior paint colors for red brick houses and how to use them Red brick is muted and earthy, so any color we choose should be muted and not clean and fresh.

There are exterior paint colors that will go well with red brick, but we’re focusing on the worst kind

Red Brick House Trim Colors

Red Brick House Trim Colors

For example, if you’re going for an off-white look, choose cream colors instead of crisp or cool whites, which look harsh with brick reds.

Red Brick House Design Updates With Photos

Choose black shutters for red brick walls or light-colored cabinets and cream-colored shutters for dark ones.

This new house was built in 1968 For a fresh look, choose dark blue for the exterior paint color of the siding and garage door (Sherin Williams Cyberspace). We chose cream (Sharon Williams West Highland White) for the trim instead of white because the colors look three shades lighter on the outside. Although it reads white, the cream color keeps it from looking drab On the second floor, shutters were removed and window trim was added Photographer: New Morning Inc. Keep up the great work!

Doors, siding and family heirloom tinted glass were painted by SW Cyberspace The shutters, porch roof and decking are painted SW West Highland White Cream to make the front porch fresh and bright.

Warm beige looks creamy and beautiful in this timeless and versatile palette Mid-tone wool looks dark on paper, but when used outdoors, it takes on a creamy and brick tone.

Choosing Our Exterior Trim Color

Black shutters and a door with a brick or cream exterior are a classic choice

Pick it up with cream trim, columns, and garage with white accents The cream paint color looks bright on the exterior and blends well with the earthy red brick Paint the doors and shutters black

Looks unnaturally bright with pure white brick, which is muted Red looks good, but many people don’t think it’s right Stay away from red doors, signs or decorations

Red Brick House Trim Colors

The new color looks out of place with the earthy red brick Instead, use color tones and earth tones That’s why it’s best to work with an exterior paint color specialist

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So there you have it! Our paint colors for red brick houses Always remember to check the color scheme; Learn here What color do you like with red brick?

If you need help with color, check out our online color consultation package or an in-person color consultation in Metro Denver.

She helps clients love their homes with purposeful color schemes He founded the company based on his passion for color and his ability to design.

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How To Choose A Front Door Color For Your Brick House

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Red Brick House Trim Colors

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Best Exterior Paint Colors For Red Brick Homes And How To Use Them

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Gorgeous Siding, Brick Fusion: Color Mastery

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Red Brick House Trim Colors

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We Love These Paint Colors For Brick Houses

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Working with red brick can be difficult – especially if you’re not a fan of red

However, if you’re like me and getting all trendy and painting your brick white isn’t in the cards, it’s time to learn how to work with red brick.

Exterior Paint Colors For Older Red Brick House?

In today’s post, we’ve decided on exterior paint colors that not only compliment the red brick, but also make me happy and proud every time I pull into the driveway.

Disclaimer: This feature contains affiliate links for your convenience You don’t need anything extra, but I get a small commission See our Disclosure Policy for more information

Here is a picture of the side of our house before we got new windows and painted the exterior

Red Brick House Trim Colors

However, the key to choosing an exterior paint color that compliments red brick is to choose a warm gray or gray.

What Color Roof Goes With Red Brick

Of course, we all have different tastes when it comes to painting, but these four options are a good place to start.

You’ll notice that this picture is a little weird and not as professional as my picture, but that’s because I got my actual color swatches that I used to test the colors.

Instead of buying paint samples and having the headache of painting your house stripes, these bad boys are just sticks and sticks!

You can find them in a ton of brands (like Sherry Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.) and in any color.

Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

For the exterior of our house, I experimented with Mindful Grey, Colonnade Grey, Dorian Gray and Sheeran Williams Grey.

Another thing to keep in mind is which direction your house faces (eg north, south, east or west).

I did extensive research in our home on the east side and will share the resources below

Red Brick House Trim Colors

Each of these colors is part of my search for the best gray/grey colors for homes on the east side

Choosing Paint Colors For Red Brick Or Stone Exteriors

See how different it is from the sandbox from the previous owners?

Once we’ve decided on a base siding color (the same color we went with on our patio), it’s time to decide what trim and accent colors to use.

After reading this article about Gauntlet Grey, I knew it would be a great trim color.

We painted Sherwin Williams utility hardware, garage doors, and gutters in Gauntlet Gray, then selected hardware for shutters and doors.

New Front Door Color With Red Brick

It’s a little hard to feel full with all the leaves in front of the house, but it’s a great piece!

These colors definitely compliment our brick, but here are some tips I’ve picked up for choosing exterior paint colors that I think will work…

I’ve put together a video tutorial to include in this post so you can watch it all in real time!

Red Brick House Trim Colors

Check it out below, and while you’re there, hit the subscribe button and turn on call notifications so you never miss another Homer Home video!

Red Brick House Exterior Update Reveal

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